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How Does GFRAP Work?

The Gluten-Free Restaurant Awareness Program (GFRAP) is a program of Gluten Intolerance Group of N.A. proudly serving over 1620 participating restaurants. 

GFRAP restaurants consist of both independently owned and chain restaurants.

Each participating restaurant receives extensive publicity through the GFRAP website,, GIG publications and our gluten intolerant network, including over 50 Branch support groups across the United States.

GFRAP resources have been written under the auspices of a Registered Dietitian, who has been working with both chain and independent restaurants for over fourteen years, helping restaurants with food preparation, kitchen procedures, menu development, training and marketing to meet the needs of gluten intolerant diners.
The GF menus, or menus with GF options, offered by GFRAP restaurants have been reviewed by a Registered Dietitian.

GFRAP offers several levels of accreditation: Basic, Advanced, and the Gluten Free Food Service Accreditation Program (GFFS), each designed to fit the needs of the restaurant.
All three levels offer marketing to a target audience – diners requiring a gluten-free diet. 
GFRAP restaurants are served and supported by GFRAP Resource Persons, who are available to offer assistance and answer questions, while the owner seeks to bring his restaurant in line with expectations, and to offer consultation as needed. Through this relationship, restaurants gain support, knowledge and local publicity as they seek to provide persons with gluten intolerance a dining experience they can enjoy with confidence.

Gluten intolerant diners search our website, in six different ways to find suitable restaurants near home or on the road. They can access information about their chosen restaurants, and offer feedback for the GFRAP Team and other users of the website, after experiencing their gluten-free meal.

Enjoy dining confidently at GFRAP participating restaurants!

Restaurant owners/managers can take advantage of the benefits GFRAP offers by completing online application on the GFRAP website (“List Your Restaurant” tab), or contact us - 253-218-2957 or  Channon Quinn, Director of Industry Programs can give you a price quote based on the needs of your establishment (; 253-218-2957).

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Restaurant Dining:  Seven Tips For Staying Gluten Free

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